Boats on the Shore
The Island
Encampment River, Lower Falls
Woodland Stream
Sailboats, Lake Harriet
Minneapolis Skyline from Lake of the Isles
Blossoms, Lake Harriet Family Beach
High Sun, Clouds
Backyard Floral
Sunset on the North Shore
Snowperson 3
Winter Grays, Winter Greens
Snow Person 5
Early Autumn at Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden, Minneapolis
Rushing Water, Minnehaha Creek
Tracks in the Snow, Lake Calhoun
Bonfire on Gunflint Lake
Morning Light Over the Creek
Pfeiffer Beach, Big Sur
Laguna Snooze
Snow Person 8
Haybales, October
Forest Glow
Midday Sun Over the Walker
Spring on Minnehaha Creek
Morning Overlooking the Wisconsin River
Summer Evening Sky
Trip Dock, Camp Owakonze
Canoe Trip, Camp Owakonze
Powerhouse, Camp Owakonze
Tall Grasses at Echo Lake
Gold Field
Gold Field
The Bean, Millenium Park, Chicago
North Shore Rocks and Water
Lake of the Isles Autumn
Chelsea Gallery
Late Light on the Pines
Autumn Haybales
Neighbor's Garage
November Color
Ice Out at Lake Pepin
West Street Cottage
Post of July
Heritage Craft
Split Rail, Wildflowers
Shoreline Geometry
Clouds Over the Northwoods
Pool Tableau
His and Hers
High-Fructose Color
Country Mailbox
Dawn on the Kaiping River
Minnehaha Falls, February
Squirrel Got 'Em
Gentle Stream
Sunset, Boundary Waters
Netting the Vines, Parley Lake Vinyard
Sawtooth Mountain Sunset
Northern Sky
Sunset Gray
West Gunflint Lake, December
Windswept Ice, Uptown Lagoon
Glowing Autumn
Autumn Color
New Extended Hours
Through the Woods
Overlooking Duluth Harbor
Snowmobiling at Dusk
Boot Hockey
Cornfield and Barn
Haybales in the Late Afternoon Sun
Late Winter Sun
Mill City Farmer's Market
Bud Nap
Breezy Sunflowers
Arrangement in Red, Green, and Blue
Jazz at King Park
Little Island, Bearskin Lake
Superior Surf, September
Little Marais Point, February
Bridge at Lake of the isles
Snowcovered Point, Superior Shore
Shetlands, Spring
Gettysburg: McPherson's Barn
Magnetic Rock Trail, Northern Minnesota
Boreal Sunset
French Press
Bearskin Lake Sunset
Artist's Point Rocks
Late Afternoon Across the Lake
Sunset, Gunflint Lake
Sculpture Garden Path (Spoonbridge and Cherry)
Sun, Water, Rocks 2
Sun, Water, Rocks 1
Cedar Lake Cattails
Autumn Street
Late Afternoon Up North
Three Snowmen
Afternoon Light at the Campsite
End of the Season
Some of the Oldest Rock Around
Bearskin Lake Sunset 2
Hot Summer Morning
Summer, Minnehaha Falls 1
View From Artist's Point
Last Light on the Lake
Aqua Petit
Moonlight Bay, Door County
North Shore Rocks and Surf
Lake Calhoun Conifers
Piazzale Michelangelo
(Snow)men in Hats
Maple Near Minnehaha Creek
Willow on Lake of the Isles
Early Evening Lake Shore
Summer Day, Lake Harriet
Ohio Farm
Orange Sofa
South Beach
Morning Papers
Winter at the Bandshell
Fall Up at the Lake
A Little Island, Seagull Lake
Grand Old Birds, Sonoma
Canoe Rack, Winter
Lake Superior Glare
15-horse Merc
Winter Sun and Shadow
Lake Grasses
Nine Mile Creek Winter
Square St. Louis
Snowshoes on Bearskin Lake
The Mississippi from Riverwood
Moonrise Over Bearskin Lake
Stone Arch Bridge and Guthrie Theater
Utah Sunset
Waiting For Some Action
Old Silver Mine
Cave Point, Door County, Wisconsin
Cow Pasture, Utah
Pyre on the Beach
Morning Wash
Bird of Paradise
Windswept Cypress
Pumpkin Tent
Big Sur
Lucia's, Al Fresco
Red Truck
White Horse
His and Hers
Dressage Saddles
Sledding Hill
Laguna Shore
Winter Color
Crab Joint on the Choptank
Christmas Lights
Evening Hours at the Cowboy Shop
Frozen Minnehaha Falls
Gettysburg: The Angle
The Trudy S
First Freeze on Minnehaha Creek
Nutshell Pram
Jesus House
Busted Rear Tire
Water Pump
Hovland Dock
Young Pine, Dawn
Snowy Stump
Morning on Flour Lake
Awnings, South Minneapolis
Sunny Bearskin Lake
Autumn in the Neighborhood, Minneapolis
Winter Sun on Lake of the Isles
Minneapolis Summer
The Path to the Barn
Yacht at Building 4
Valentines for Sale
The North Shore at Tettegouche
Forest at Door Bluff
Sunset on Lake of the Isles
Haybales, Late Afternoon
Caribou Creek
The Walker and the Church
Working Boats on the Tanjiang River
Kids, Che kan
Orange Tarp, Sonoma
Big Sur Poppies
McWay Cove, Big Sur
Avila Sunset
Spruce Near the Slope
Red Crane, Yellow Crane, Blue Crane
Karaoke at the Crossroads
Mike's Pond
Autumn, South Minneapolis
Morning on Lake Mille Lacs
Shell Beach
Fallen Tree, Lake Harriet
Laguna Beach Rocks
Pace (Peace) Flag
Ponte Vecchio, Florence
New Arrival at the Implement Dealer
Minnehaha Falls, February
Frozen Minnehaha Falls
Oak, Pine, Dawn
Skating at Lake of the Isles
Fireworks for Sale
Lily Pads
Claudia's Playset
Wintered Canoe