love to paint?

Two-Day Workshop, Hudson, Wisconsin

August 16-17, 2017, $200

This workshop precedes Plein Air Hudson 2017. The St. Croix River valley offers a number of unique natural vistas, and we'll find some interesting views of this beautiful old river town as well.

All skill levels welcome. If you’re new to outdoor painting, this will be a good introduction. If you’re a veteran painter looking to improve your craft and get a fresh eye on your work, this is for you too. Competion in Plein Air Hudson is not required, but if you plan to participate, you might find this a good warm up. Topics will include:

· Scouting: Where am I going? Why?
· How to quickly define your composition and light effect
· Explore underpainting and block-in strategies
· Focusing on the drawing vs. giving it up
· How to get it done before you lose steam
· What does “done” mean anyway?
· Mixing greens (oh yeah, that)


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